About us

Our company; It produces ELECTROFUSION WELDING MACHINES, which have been imported from abroad until now, with domestic and national capital in our country. In this direction, our company was established in 2012 to provide a wide range of services such as Computer, Software, Electronics and R & D with the machines we produce. We carried out R&D studies of our company with great care for 3 years after its establishment. With our field tests, which we continued for the next 3 years, we carried out a pre-preparation phase of about 6 years and made our company one of the most reliable and quality production companies that provide world-class service.

Finally, as a result of our laboratory tests that lasted for 6 months, we received our “EN 60204-1 CE and ISO 9001” Certificate and proved that our machines are suitable in national and international areas, and we registered our quality production power and continued on our way. We launched our machines, which we produced with great care, in 2018. We have become a preferred brand by many private sector and public institutions by following a rapidly developing graphic.

We have fulfilled our duty to represent our country in both domestic and foreign markets in the best way by exporting to foreign countries and we continue to do so. We are here with you to grow with you day by day and add strength to your strength.

Power with ElectroPower

our vision
electropower’s vision of Turkey’s most acclaimed and best known abroad is being ELECTRONICS company.

Our Mission
meet the developing world, including our country, following the electronic technology able to use this technology with local resources sağlamak.özellikl electronic devices that need their products and services sector in Turkey and circuit board installed in some of the demands of the domestic production and design. In this way, to create added value for our country and its people by preventing foreign dependency and to provide employment.


Our strategy
ElectroPower’s strategy; experience in the sector, Turkey’s growing need for local knowledge and international cooperation, closer to evaluate the opportunities in the region is to meet diversifying its portfolio.